Facebook SEO in Banbury

Facebook SEO in Banbury

So Facebook unveiled it’s own search engine on Tuesday with Facebook Graph Search. Banbury based businesses are keen to find out what it means to them and how they can get ready for when it’s available to everyone. Thankfully, Facebook have taken the time to explain what businesses should be doing in their blog.

They say Graph Search will make it easier for people to find your Page and learn about your business on Facebook. Obviously none of this is proven yet but if you want to be one step ahead of your competitors then you shouldn’t ignore this new feature – after all, it’s on the most popular website in the world!

Initially, Facebook have recommended you do the following:

As always, continue to invest in your Page by making sure your Page is complete and up-to-date.

  • The name, category, vanity URL, and information you share in the “About” section all help people find your business and should be shared on Facebook.
  • If you have a location or a local place Page, update your address to make sure you can appear as a result when someone is searching for a specific location.
  • Focus on attracting the right fans to your Page and on giving your fans a reason to interact with your content on an ongoing basis.
  • You can learn more about fan acquisition and Page publishing best practices here.

On face value these points seem pretty straight forward and any Facebook Page owner should be doing this already but there are a high number of local businesses who either haven’t made the most of their page or haven’t got one at all.

Have we just witnessed the birth of ‘Facebook SEO’ ?

If you think so then get in touch and we’ll talk you through how Facebook SEO in Banbury could benefit you and your business.