GDPR is coming and like any change in the law, people are worried.

The truth, however, is GDPR is a good thing. But it will seriously impact the way that many companies do marketing.

Those that are reliant on poor quality or spam marketing are going to be hit hard!

The results will be tougher to obtain and more expensive.

Expect Google AdWords costs to soar. Expect Facebook Ad costs to skyrocket.

On the other side of the coin exists search engine optimisation.

SEO is completely GDPR compliant we can provide you with superb SEO services.

Yet still, the vast majority of business owners are failing to use SEO despite having internal marketing staff.

Why? 2 Reasons:

Either they are outsourcing and receiving poor quality SEO services or they lack the knowledge of SEO to develop the right strategy and implement it.

And neither are their fault, yes there are loads of bad SEO companies out there and you might have some SEO knowledge but that is not the same as being an SEO.

In 2018 SEO is a smart investment for any company.

But the longer you wait to invest in SEO, the longer the results will take to come.

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