Website Hosting

Dedicated hosting for WordPress and WooCommerce websites

What is hosting? If you know what hosting is skip to the next paragraph but if you don’t, web hosting is basically space on a server which is connected to the internet, that’s allocated to your website and accessed via the internet when someone types your website address in – think of it like renting a house and giving someone your address when you want them to visit you. It’s how the world wide web works.

We’re proud of our website hosting setup – it’s fast, reliable, and safe. We have a UK-based cloud server which means there’s no single piece of hardware storing your website. Our dedicated server setup is part of a large cluster and if the cluster detects a failure of any hardware or sees a resource issue, it will automatically move your hosting onto spare hardware. In the unlikely event of this happening, you won’t even notice.

What about email? All our hosting comes with email as standard. You can have as many IMAP or POP3 mailboxes as you like (within reason of course) with a healthy 500MB inbox included or a 1GB upgrade option to help accommodate that client or friend who insists on sending you emails with 30MB of pictures attached – we all know one.

I need hosting
To be honest hosting is not something I’ve ever had to think about – that in itself pays testimony to Technique’s service.George Scholes, Director - Lifting Technology Ltd.