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Client: Liberata UK

London, UK

A stunning website and a new look for Liberata UK!

The WordPress design and build project for Liberata UK was a comprehensive project that not only involved the creation of a new website but also encompassed a complete corporate rebrand. The project included the development of brand guidelines to ensure a cohesive and consistent visual identity across all platforms. Additionally, a new company video was produced to effectively communicate Liberata’s values, services, and ethos.

Social media animations were also crafted to enhance the company’s online presence, making content more engaging and shareable across various social platforms. The WordPress website serves as a central hub, seamlessly integrating the new brand elements and providing visitors with a user-friendly experience. This multifaceted project aimed to not only modernise Liberata UK’s online presence but also to present a unified and compelling brand image through various marketing channels.
Beautifully crafted results
Brand development
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...and with a new look for Liberata UK!
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A fully responsive design...

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We couldn’t be more thrilled with the work approach you all have. Kudos to all involved, you worked very hard and I feel our relationship has strengthened even further during this website project.

- Hina M - Marketing Manager, Liberata UK

What we did

  • Comprehensive Rebranding: Technique delivered a complete rebrand for Liberata UK, refreshing the company’s visual identity to align with its evolving goals and values.
  • Brand Guidelines Development: We also created detailed brand guidelines to ensure consistency in the application of the new brand elements across all communication channels, maintaining a unified and professional image.
  • Modern WordPress Website: Designed and built a modern, responsive WordPress website that reflects the updated brand, offering a user-friendly interface and providing visitors with a seamless browsing experience.
  • New Company Video: Produced a series of compelling videos that effectively communicate Liberata UK’s core values, services, and overall mission, serving as a powerful tool for brand promotion and storytelling.
  • Social Media Animations: Developed engaging and shareable social media video animations to enhance Liberata UK’s presence on various platforms, fostering audience interaction and increasing brand visibility.
  • Strategic User Experience (UX) Design: Prioritised user experience in the design phase, ensuring that the website is not only visually appealing but also easy to navigate, fostering positive interactions, and encouraging user engagement in the form of demo requests and enquiries.
  • Responsive Design: Ensured that the website is responsive, adapting to different screen sizes and devices, providing a consistent and accessible experience for visitors accessing the site from desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Clear Call-to-Actions (CTAs): Implemented clear and strategically placed call-to-action elements across the website to guide visitors toward desired actions, such as contacting the company or exploring services.
  • SEO Optimisation: Incorporated search engine optimisation (SEO) best practices to improve the website’s visibility in search engine results, enhancing Liberata UK’s online discoverability and reach.

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