Safety first

Client: Fisher Alvin

Droitwich, Worcestershire

Creating a WooCommerce website to effectively showcase an extensive range of workplace safety products and solutions.

Built on WooCommerce, the Fisher Alvin website offers customers the ability to make individual purchases while also accommodating quote requests for larger orders and bespoke orders.

This versatile platform enables Fisher Alvin to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience for customers, whether they are looking to buy individual safety products or engage with the support team for a unique solution.
Beautifully crafted results for all devices
Built with speed in mind
Interactive visuals to educate visitors on safety products
Mobile-ready development
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A fully responsive design...

[caption] Wireframe Doodles[/caption] [caption] Final Website[/caption]

A really friendly team, and they offer a fantastic service for both creative work and most importantly our SEO and PPC requirements. Highly recommend.

- Jack B, MD, Fisher Alvin

What we did

  • High SEO rankings: Through strategic optimisation and content enhancements, the Fisher Alvin website achieved top rankings on major search engines, driving increased organic traffic and improving online visibility.
  • Interactive product safety visuals: The website now features interactive visuals to educate visitors on the type of safety products available, creating an engaging and informative user experience while emphasising the company’s commitment to safety.
  • Dynamic case studies section: A new dynamic case studies section was added, showcasing Fisher Alvin’s success stories and expertise, allowing prospective clients to explore real-world examples of their capabilities.
  • Responsive mobile design: The website is now fully responsive, ensuring a seamless browsing experience on mobile devices, catering to the growing number of users accessing the site from smartphones and tablets.
  • Improved user engagement: Interactive features and intuitive navigation were incorporated to enhance user engagement, providing visitors with a more interactive and informative experience, and ultimately increasing time spent on the site.
  • Streamlined content management: The WordPress platform was tailored for easy content updates, empowering Fisher Alvin’s team to manage and update the website effortlessly, keeping information current and relevant to their audience.

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