We provide flexible working BUT here are 10 reasons why working in an office sets us apart from many agencies

Posted by Technique on March 12, 2024 - Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

We hear it frequently that clients are fed up with full remote creative agencies… since COVID some agencies made the call to go fully remote to save on office rent BUT we have always kept our office space and our staff (and clients) love it!

It provides a central hub of creativity and collaboration. Only speaking with a potential client this morning reminded me that we are doing things the right way. People like working with people. People like face-to-face. Is anyone else sick of Zoom meetings? It saves fuel and time by having quick catch-ups on video BUT it’s still nice to have a traditional face-to-face meeting.

Things we have heard:

“It’s so hard to speak to someone at that other agency!”

“We waited months and then said agency lost all of our work through sloppy project management”

“One web developer was even on the loo whilst speaking to me”
OK, that’s a made-up one BUT it could be real! :)

Reasons clients like working with us

  1. Seamless collaboration: The heartbeat of innovation, and real-time collaboration in an office environment fuels creativity, allowing our team to seamlessly exchange ideas and solutions. How much easier is it to turn to the designer next to you to share layouts and design trends?
  2. Professional workspace: Equipped with cutting-edge tools and technologies, the office provides a dedicated and professional workspace that enhances focus and productivity.
  3. Networking Opportunities: Physical proximity fosters networking, enabling professionals to build relationships that extend beyond the digital realm, creating opportunities for growth and collaboration.
  4. Structured Routine: An office offers a structured routine, promoting work-life balance by creating clear boundaries between professional responsibilities and personal time.
  5. Client Confidence: A physical office instills confidence in clients, underscoring the professionalism and stability of the web agency, providing a tangible space for meetings and presentations.
  6. Team Morale and Bonding: Face-to-face interactions cultivate a strong team culture, boosting morale and fostering a sense of belonging among employees, crucial for sustained success.
  7. Access to Resources: Offices provide access to specialised resources, software, and equipment, ensuring employees have the necessary tools to execute tasks efficiently.
  8. Effective Communication: In-person communication minimises the risk of miscommunication, promoting clarity and understanding—essential elements for successful web development projects.
  9. Creative Atmosphere: The physical office space fosters a creative atmosphere through collaborative spaces, brainstorming sessions, and impromptu discussions, leading to innovative solutions.
  10. Project Visibility: In-house work ensures better project visibility, allowing for efficient tracking of progress, prompt issue identification, and timely project delivery.
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